Twitter Eggs Icons

Which came first the Twitter bird or the egg?

Enhance your blog or site with these fun Twitter eggs. Available in PNG format in two sizes: 256 x 256 px and 128 x 128 px.

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  1. beautiful icons! Thank you so much.

  2. Beautiful eggs… I posted them on my blog. Thanks.

  3. Cool twitter egg 😀
    Thank you for sharing…
    here is my bird link:

  4. Yeah, great eggs! =)

  5. I love your twitty eggs )))

  6. Thanks for sharing, I am gonna use these icons :)

  7. A totally new feel for the Twitter Icon, I picked your eggs. :) They are great and I appreciate your sharing them! Thank you. I will see about getting them onto one of my sites… Sandra

  8. Tweet-a-lious. Sorry, someone had to do it. Your generosity is too kind.

  9. ANaiyaking August 28, 2010

    i want one as an icon :) I LOVE IT

  10. very nice icons

  11. these are great

  12. Fantastic twitter icons.nice mate

  13. egerton25 June 3, 2011

    beautiful icons! Thank you so much.Beautiful eggs

  14. really awesome icons :)

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