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Do It Yourself Doodles!

Do It Yourself Doodles! Everyone doodles! That's the great thing about doodles — anyone can do them and they can be incredible works of art. Then there's David Jablow. David's doodles, using a 1950s doodle pad for naughty executives, before there was human resources, lawsuits and women leaving the kitchen, are incre...

Wondrous Weird Thrift Store Art

Wondrous Weird Thrift Store Art Thrift stores offer a wide range of art to adorn your walls at low, low prices... if you can stomach pretty bad art! Sometimes it's paint-by-numbers art and sometimes it's framed puzzles but with a little imagination and a set of brushes and paints, someone like David Irvine can create wondro...

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Get inspired with our GL Collection which features creative vectors and images that we feel are truly outstanding. Search for people images easily in
GL Personalities collection which features a diverse selection of business, fashion, and lifestyle model-released images.

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