Rich And Poor

by Anyka

Rich Person Giving Gold Coin To Beggar

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Rich person giving gold coin to beggar

abuse, alms, asking, beg, beggar, begging, bracelets, cash, charity, church, coin, count, defenseless, degenerate, dirty, donate, donation, drunk, earnings, elderly, expensive, forgotten, fortune, gain, gift, giving, gold, hands, help, helpless, homeless, homelessness, hopeless, jewellery, life, loneliness, lonely, luck, luxurious, manicure, money, nails, needed, needy, orphans, passed, pauper, people, person, pity, poor, poverty, prince, rich, sad, sidewalk, stray, street, street-life, tramp, unemployed, unfair, vagabond, vagrant, vulnerable, wealth, wealthy


By Anyka
Image ID: 154645
Added: March 20, 2010


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